Streeeeetfooooood market

London has like three of them. At least. I heard the New York also features about one. And since a few months ago Berlin entered the illustrious round of major cities featuring a street food market. Tegan the vegan and Andy the dandy requested a visit of this infamous place and so I and Doro the Zorro (I’m trying to hard, really) fulfilled their wish like two little fairies.

We remembered the place to be overcrowded with tourists and hipsters and hipster tourists. We hoped the hype had faded off by now and were pleasantly surprised that when we arrived at about 6 pm the place still had place to walk AND stand. We kind of deliberately parted ways to find the bestest of the food. Doro and I first got a beef chili pie to fight the urgent hunger and be more relaxed while looking for the good stuff.

Don’t read comments.

I recently stopped reading comments on the internet.

There were days when I thought of them as a great idea, enabling instant feedback and adding more sides to any story. News stories got enhanced by opinions and by putting them in relation to other people’s views. I wrote comments myself, especially on, some were actually ok, others are in hindsight easy to attack and prove wrong. But hey, I was taking part in the discussion and felt like adding something interesting to the interwebs.

Washed ashore in Warnemünde

Last February, when I was still unemployed and lazy and even more unshaven, we read on the weather forecast about nice weather, that had been foreseen for the next day. So we booked a train to and a bus back from Warnemünde, Baltic Sea, for this very day and off we went in the morning.


Arduino tinkering: Parts Assemble!

After getting all the necessary parts together, I started assembling them.

The process is pretty straightforward, I just followed the pretty exact description at’s tutorial.


Stuff from my memory(card)

Once in a while I put my camera’s memory card into the computer to see what happened to accumulate on there.

As none of the things is near complete or interesting on its own, I just cram everything in here. Consider this an instagram post.