Wilmersdorf. It’s a weird place.

Although I was born in the far west of Germany with its knives and karneval and other nonsense, I was raised from young age in Wilmersdorf. I was lucky to living close to the far cooler Schöneberg, so I could escape the quarter with an age average of around 246 from time to time.

Yesterday and today I revisited Wilmersdorf. There is no real reason to go there, except for visiting parents and looking at stuff in stores.

What I listen to: The Heavy

If you played Borderlands 2, and I suppose you did, because it is easily the best 4 people co-op on pandora shooter, you came across the intro video. And if you are not a mindless brute you did not skip it and listened to this song.

But wait, there’s more. The whole album, and much more of The Heavy’s stuff is worth listening to more than once. Go ahead and do so now.

The Combat Zone at Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

Time for modern art again.

After breaking fast in Pankow we headed over to the Neue Nationalgallerie and its exhibition „The Combat Zone – 1968-2000“. It is the third part of a selection of the Neue Nationalgalerie’s own collection which can’t be shown in total due to space restrictions. The first two focused on 1900-1945 and 1945-1968.

Wait, what?

„If you open your door to anyone, be prepared to encounter anyone.“ – Zero.

Last Saturday our institute opened its doors to the wider public. Regarding the omnipresent doors locked by badge readers and the high safety standards it was a rather big thing. We all were asked politely to help and present the institute and our work to those who are keen to learn and discover.