Cause and effect.

I made a dinner. Tegan blogged about it. 

Thank you, Tegan.

(I didn’t have the time for the documentation as I was in the kitchen where I belong, making sandwiches for Tegan.)

This was a great weekend. Sunday.

Music, Art, Food. What more to wish for?

This was a great weekend. Saturday.

On Friday we attended the concert and had drinks. On Saturday we continued the good run of pleasant entertainment. 

This was a great weekend. Friday.

It just was a great weekend. 

This is simply awesome. GifCam.

this is simply awesome.

GIF making is kind of a pain. You have to fiddle with frames and conversions and end up with a massive file of several megabyte just to show you that kitty GIF. But no more!

GifCam is a smart little tool that lets you screen cap anything. Anything you have on your screen, be it typing, painting, browsing, videos or fotos. Just Put the window on top of your content and record it. You can set frame rates, colour palettes and the like to reduce size even more and the software does the rest. It only captures actual change in the frame. So in the GIF above only the added text is actually saved in the file, while the background is only in the first frame.

An awesome little toy to quickly grab a funny scene, sending greetings and just generally start gifing.

Good night!