The Big Meh.

Street musicians. Internet Artists. City Events. All of that only evokes a „meh“ from me. 

We spent Friday and Saturday in Hamburg and today, on Sunday, Doro and I went to the Mauerpark after our voting duty. It was there when I realized that I am tired of so many things.

The Waiting Game: Olympus Photography Playground

Disclaimer: Contains fictional interpretation of real events.

This morning — while the cats happily slept on different body parts — I was pulled out of my dreams by Andy ringing my phone. Barely awake I heard him talking about some photography playground. He wanted me to come there. As I oppose any photographing of children in playgrounds I politely but firmly declined his offer. He then had to go, I guess he was overheard by the many women in his house.

I turned over, pulled a cat under the blanket and held it there until it stopped fighting me. Everything was fine. I went back to sleep.

Webtool of the day:

I just discovered a page. By „discovered“ I mean „Doro pointed me several times in its direction“.

The website is called and is a weird but functional minimalistic combination of sound generator, colour therapist
and markdown text editor. Sounds like an odd combination but works fantastic.

#rp14: my favourite talks: F. A. Schmidt on Crowdsourcing Design

So this is actually the talk I wanted to present first, but it was only uploaded today to the internet tubes.

In this talk, Florian Alexander Schmidt is talking on crowdsourcing design. He is a design researcher from Berlin in the process of getting his PhD in London at the Royal College of Art and author of several books on design theory. At re:publica 14 he presented the concept of crowdsourcing for design and the design of crowdsourcing platforms.

#rp14: my favourite talks: Appelbaum and York on PGP

Two days after re:publica 14 I finally slept enough again and am now slowly recapitulating the events. Some guy on twitter accused the whole event of being self centred attention whoreism that is not influencing anything outside the event location. To counter this opinion I want to share now a few of my favourite experiences of #rp14

#rp14: Third day impressions

After a rather mediocre day on Wednesday the third and last day was really good again. We started with an okay talk about creative commons but then stumbled into this guy explaining how to use everything of a pig. Meat, bones, nose, intestines… you name it, they use it. I was amazed by the craftsmanship of this guy when cutting up the whole pig.

#rp14: Impressions of Day 2

The second day was not so amazing, for some reason most of the talks were a bit bland and boring. My highlights though were an introduction to the simplicity of an Arduino (basically a chip, an oscillator, a power supply and a USB connector) and a talk by Raul Krauthausen, a physically disabled founder of a Verein to support handicapped people. He gave a great insight in the struggles of being in a wheelchair while maintaining mobility.

#rp14: First day impressions

I am really tired now. It was a very interesting day on a very relaxed conference. I heard a great talk, some good talks and learned how to build an universal phone charger. Up next are some pictures of the day. 

#rp14: nearly there

A few months ago Doro asked if I wanted to get some early bird tickets for the re:publica conference in Berlin. Transforming into a blogging hipster I said yes.

And here we are now, the re:publica or #rp14 starts tomorrow and happens until Thursday. Today Doro and I got our badges and bracelets and each a jute-Tasche filled with flyers and some cookies and I can’t wait for the action to begin. I am actually excited about an event and I nearly forgot my cynicism because of it.

Erster Mai (des Jahres)

I never took part in the May Day shenanigans that happen every year in Kreuzberg. This year though my dear colleagues wanted to witness the great commercialisation of a traditionally left wing protest. They headed for Oranienplatz and the surrounding area, and I joined them after a very late breakfast at around 2 pm. This is our story.

Even though the mobile internet network crashed I managed to find the others and we then settled down in the amphitheatre in the Görlitzer Park.