In and around the fête de la musique

Simon lent me his Fuji X100 after I read so many pages about it. For some reason too many people take my opinion on cameras serious and so I ended up reading about all that stuff that is out there.

It began with the A7 from Sony, a full frame package in a tiny body. But an unjustified over the top pricing, especially for lenses, made me quickly turn away from it and look at the Fuji X100S. It looked super exciting and I remembered that Simon had a X100 for his own. A text message and a trip to Steglitz later I had it in my hands, ready to discover its features during the upcoming fête de la musique.

Midnight snack

What happens when you leave the window open in summer.

Look at my friends, my friends are amazing. [Simon Becker]

Let me introduce to you my friend Simon. Simon uses a picture thing to put the images of the world into it and then he puts some of them on the internet. Simon is a photographer.

Hamburg. Dinner and Breakfast. (And the usual bits, too)

The mob in front of my windows can go home now. Take your pitchforks, your torches and your shouting back home. I submit. I will tell you the great tale of how a group of fearless adventurers travelled to Hamburg to search for wealth and to find friendship. 

Sciency science at Spectrum Berlin

Before I start recapitulating the amazing and astonishing events of our journey to the burg of ham I want to talk about something completely different. If you can’t wait for it, go get your fix over at Tegan’s place, she got most of the dirty details already written down and backed up by colour pictures.

Doro’s cousins from the frenchland were in town and so we met them to get into and through the spectrum Berlin Science museum that has just been renewed. The last time I went must have been ten years ago, and the exhibition was already old back then. The museum is a separated part of the Museum für Verkehr und Technik, that displays all kinds of machinery and sciency bits, but relies more on an exhibition than a hands on concept. That’s were the spectrum comes into the picture. It is where young and old aspiring scientists can perform experiments to understand the basic principles of physics.