Flüchtlinge Willkommen: Einfach machen.

A specific talk from the re:publica 2015 was not mentioned in my re:cap because it should not be drowned in the many things going on there. Flüchtlinge Willkommen.

Re:cap of re:publica 2015

Three intensive days are over. From Tuesday till today I saw about 20 talks live, talked to different people and generally had my mind around things completely different from my regular plant stuff. 

The day we almost spent in the Vosges

There is a correlation between my holidays and the days of the Bahn strike in Germany. This time I already anticipated it, changed my train booking, hopped on the 80 minute late train with the significant (α > 0.01) other and got more or less relaxed to Karlsruhe, where nothing is ever going on.