Give me something to write about


This is new. Well. Kinda.

It’s an old site with fresh(ish) new looks to it.

It’s been bothering me for a while that I have this site that I used to write kinda a lot on, diary stuff, travel stories, the occasional recipe, and then, with much less of a boom and more of a fizzle, I stopped. I have one (1) baby now and if you want to know more about my daily life please just pick any random dad blogger, because it is all the same for everyone. For realsies.

So, I decided that I won’t join the daddy blogger scene and retell the story of how important organisation is and how everything changes every other month. At least for now.

Back to my hitherto abandoned little web log project.

I don’t like leaving things hanging with no proper finish, so I always had this thing here on the back of my mind. A few days ago, I needed to do some backend modernisation so that my email still works (mostly to attract spam, but still) so I also touched the frontend. And boy did I not enjoy this.

From all the information technology (InTe for people who want to use wrong acronyms) fields, frontend development has to be my most despised area. Making servers work, writing bioinformatic code or just creating the code for an amazing app is fun and games (sometimes quite literally).

But! HTML and CSS are the Microsoft Office of coding languages for they are ambiguous, full of ancient traditions and mostly used by people who don’t really know how to the thing professionally (i.e. me). They exist for a reason, and it would be a loss to not have them, but using them is eternal agony. And both HTML/CSS and Microsoft Office have their devout fan community telling you that „it’s not that bad“ and „if you spend a lot of time with it you can do things!“ Well, they’re wrong, I spent time with both and look at me, not doing things.

I tried to remove the author section from the metadata field in the php files. I literally deleted all occurrences of any line of code that was linked to the author metadata. And voilà! It still says on every post that it is written by me. I don’t know where Mr. WordPress draws that information from. He must have a hidden stack of code that I can’t find (to delete random parts) and so I did what all sane people do at this point. I gave up. I hope you’re happy with the knowledge that the posts on this website that only I have access to are actually written by me, as indicated by the little author metadata blob.

So yeah, screw frontend stuff.

k. bye.