LOL – Lots of Links #1

Last time I counted there were over 5 sites on the internet and every day about one new is emerging. Who will ever be able to keep track of them? Me, that’s who. Look at all the links I accumulated over the last days.

To set the tone for this list just click play below. Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker on 33 instead of 45 rpm creates a very familiar and yet strange sound.

And while you hear this song listen to another song without the song. Wait, what?

Enjoying two things at once is stressing you out? Maybe try some stress relief below.

Cats. Who doesn’t love those fishy little birdy things? Some people still don’t have their own feline fun ferret but desperately need pictures of such. Look no further, just look here as it is a tumblr filled with creative commons photos of cats. Some photos even include dogs, so this is a real bargain.

Now more music. Beatboxing record album covers doing beatboxing.

To artsy? More of technical kind of person? Oh and you also want to artificial lightning action? Ok. There you go.

There are many great movies coming up in the near future. There’s Ghostbuster 4.5, The Cucumber and What happened to my bro last night?. I could link to all those trailers but instead take this one of the minion movie, the inevitable sequel to the Despicable Me franchise. Tu e bello con la papaya.

I almost forgot: Of course there is also a cat on a skate board.

Thanks to all the internets for this stuff, but especially the kraftfuttermischwerk and nerdcore where I took most of the links from.