When friends invite you to their wedding party, you don’t say no. Especially not when it is on Madeira. What better reason is there to go than to finish a week of holidays with a splendid festival of two of your friends‘ love. And it gets even better if you don’t go alone but bring 10 friends and live together in one house.

From a very mediocre start of the holiday with a soulless AirBnB next to a motorway and a city that is made for cruise ship tourists we gradually learned to love the island, its food and the whole experience altogether.

Coming next is an incomplete but somehow representative look at the island and the things we did there. Not shown is the food (freshest seafood, pulpo, shrimp, fish…), our evenings of cooking and every second day when I did not want to carry the massive heavy DSLR with me.

The party evening felt like a movie. A beautiful terrace, beautiful people and a beautiful celebration.

Madeira, we’ll return.