Copenhavn dag ét og to

2 weeks ago Dorothée and I went to visit my friend Katja in Copenhagen for the weekend. It was the first really warm weekend in Berlin and we left for the city we got to know as icy cold two years ago, when we went there in february.


This is a rather hairless me and below you see Doro looking quite happy reagarding the temperatures close to absolute zero. We even bought a hat for me. I hate buying clothing in my free time. (also I was too lazy to shop out the hairs and dirt from the scanning. Deal with it)image

So we kind of expected to arrive in an arctic country.

We were disappointed. In a good way.

We both started the journey from university/work, I carried the luggage from golm and Doro came from the lovely Oberschöneweide. We had a quick dinner with vietnamese take away at the lovely train station at Schönefeld airport and then did quite relaxed all the check in stuff. A short intermezzo involving a sprint out of the boarding area to the mailbox and back inside through the security check while the boarding was in progress flawed the experience a bit. Doro had to deal with a pissed off me. But I calmed down at some point.

The plane barely reached the flight altitude when it started descending again for landing. The overall flight time was about 35 minutes. It takes longer to get to work than to get to copenhagen.

In Copenhagen Katja was already awaiting for us and together we took the fully automatic train and a bus through the city to her student flat, where we had dinner and met some of her student accommodation flatmates.


I really liked their kitchen. Compared to Doro’s accommodation experience in London this was like heaven. They had tools, plates and basic ingredients for everyone, basically all paid by the university. They had several fridges and not just one for 6 people.


They had quotes from the flatmates on the walls as well. The numbers are the room numbers, not the age or date of birth.

We ate some pasta I prepared with Katja’s ingredients and then went to bed.

The next day was started quite early as the sun transformed the little room into a sauna and we just couldn’t sleep.



We enjoyed a quick small breakfast to leave space for the amazing cinnamon rolls the Danish people are so good at baking. One of the biggest chains is “La Cagethusset”, the cake house, but unlike our german chains this bakery bakes everything freshly in every shop. There is no delivery of frozen bread rolls that just get heated up. And it tasted so great. Especially the cinnamon stuff had just the right amount of spicy cinnamon and sweet glazing. Amazing.

We then started into our first day of city touring, enjoying the warm weather and the constant mild breeze that made the warmth feel less pressing. Again no comparison to the heat in Berlin, that just hits you and let’s you lie down flat hoping for cooling.






yeah boats and seagulls and stuff.



On the right side is Katja, our lovely host. The two had some difficulties with the concept of posing for tourist holiday pictures. How the hell should I present THAT on facebook?


Only thing that is missing on the sign are lances like in a medieval tournament. In Copenhagen they have several bikes. At least more than three. I then stopped counting. They have all kinds of bikes, they specialize in a sort of cargo bike with a lot of space in front to transport beer, children, women, men, general goods and plants. The whole city is adapted to bikes with special bike lanes, sometimes even with two lanes for slow and fast bikers. Even during winter those crazy Copenhagen people use their bikes in the cold wind. The hipster in me was happy.

this is like a boat or something.

art. this is it.

a dragon holding a light bulb. can it get any cooler? I think not.

Yeah. The little mermaid. We did that. As I had to struggle with the posing capabilities of my fellow girls I just took a picture of random tourists posing. still counts.

I think this fresco tells a story. Possibly about seamen.

Like a boss. Or two of them.

This what at some barracks for the royal guards. Really nice park.

This picture basically shows everything the inner city has to offer. Shops, guys holding up signs and hipsters. Most danish men look like hipsters. I think they invented it. Is it still hipsterism if it is mainstream? And how did they do it before it was cool when it is cold most of the year? so many questions…

Sad no entry sign is sad.

We had some food at a nice Café-Restaurant-Study-Bar place. They had books. I had tomato soup.

A danish woman with a thing she rides on.

All subway stations look exactly identical. Great for orientation.

Is this post-hipsterism?

A klippekard. The machine eats away some of the paper every time it is validated.

Watch the geese!

I told you so.

There were like a million geese. Jeez.

We then arrived at Katja’s place. She made some great palak panir (indian spinach cheese dish). We then fell in our beds and slept. Or at least I did while the girls were talking girl talk. About work and studying and such. I dreamed of romantic relationships with danish men.